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Industry’s lowest-profile 3216 tantalum capacitor

AVX Corporation has increased its TACmicrochip Series with what is claimed to be the lowest-profile 3216-footprint tantalum capacitor currently obtainable on the market.

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First multilayer varistor transient voltage suppressors rated for 175C operation

AVX Corporation has released what is claimed to be the industry’s first MLV TVS devices rated for 175C operation.

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New series of Tantalum capacitors for automotive and industrial applications

AVX Corporation has released a new series of miniature, surface-mount, J-lead tantalum capacitors that give high reliability and high volumetric efficiency in high-temperature industrial and automotive applications.

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New capacitors have novel MIM structure and wide range of capacitance values

AVX Corporation has launched a new range of ultraminiature, thin-film transmission line capacitors for high-frequency links, DC blocking in the UHF range (300MHz-3GHz), and other high-performance microwave and RF applications.