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New series of Tantalum capacitors for automotive and industrial applications

Post Date: March 8, 2019

AVX Corporation has released a new series of miniature, surface-mount, J-lead tantalum capacitors that give high reliability and high volumetric efficiency in high-temperature industrial and automotive applications. The new F9H Series satisfies AEC-Q200 demands, is compliant with RoHS2 directive 2011/65/EU, is rated for operating temperatures up to 150C, and provides what is claimed to be the industry’s highest CV/cc in a high-temperature 1206 tantalum capacitor: a 10μF/16V rating that gives 50% more capacitance than the now next-highest CV/cc 1206 tantalum capacitor, a 6.8μF/16V part. It also provides higher reliability performance than standard automotive-grade capacitors, with a failure rate of only 0.5% after 1,000 hours at 105C and rated voltage with 0.1Ohm/V series impedance and a 60% confidence level.

The series is offered with four ratings: 1206 10μF/16V, 1206 15μF/10V, 1210 22μF/16V, and 2312 47μF/16V with an operating temperature of +105C at rated voltage and a maximum category temperature of 150C at 50% of rated voltage. The devices have a conventional MnO2 cathode, which is characterised by low leakage current, do not exhibit capacitance loss with applied voltage (voltage coefficient) or capacitance loss over time, as respectively seen in Class II MLCCs and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and are perfect for use in the secondary power lines of automotive electronics applications that includes integrated starter generators, engine and transmission control units, headlamps, and brakes, plus many industrial applications.

“Our new F9H Series J-lead tantalum capacitors provide the highest available capacitance for high-temperature automotive applications in a miniature case size, in addition to reliability performance two times better than standard AEC-Q200-compliant tantalum series,” said Allen Mayar, product marketing manager, AVX.

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