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Three-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors reduced in thicknessa by 23%

post-datum: maart 28, 2019

Taiyo Yuden has launched its 1005-size three-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor A3K105BBJ106MR (1mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm, with height as the maximum value, capacitance of 10μF, and rated voltage of 4V).

Three-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors, which have a lower ESL than the popular two-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors, can reduce impedance in the high-frequency range and add to the stable performance of ICs that are driven at high speed. The thickness of the new capacitor has been decreased by approximately 23% compared to the company’s conventional product, A3K105KBJ106MV (1mm x 0.5mm x 0.65mm, with height as the maximum value), adding to the further reduction in thickness of small, thin digital devices.

This product is used as a decoupling capacitor for power supply lines for ICs in answer to demand for smaller and thinner devices, such as IoT-related devices, such as smartphones and wearable devices.

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03/18/2019, Compact power inductors for use within in-vehicle applications

Murata has added to its DFE series of power inductors that have been developed particularly for use within in-vehicle applications such as ADAS, automotive infotainment systems and power-train components.

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03/08/2019, New series of Tantalum capacitors for automotive and industrial applications

AVX Corporation has released a new series of miniature, surface-mount, J-lead tantalum capacitors that give high reliability and high volumetric efficiency in high-temperature industrial and automotive applications.

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03/07/2019, Easy EMC compliance by using line inductors DC-DC converters

Complementary to its DC-DC converter portfolio, RECOM now provides its RLS line inductor series, which has been pre-tested to meet both conducted and radiated interference limits.

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02/22/2019, Capacitors eliminate the need for an external case

Cornell Dubilier has availability of its Type RA multilayered film capacitors for 125C operation. The capacitors are built using stacked metallised polyester protected with an impregnated sealant, which excludes the requirement for an external case.